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A Vacation Rental You Could Live In

In a place like San Diego, there are thousands of vacation rentals to choose from. However, only a few of them provide an authentic local experience. These days, people are searching for more than a place to sleep when they come back from the beach. They want a sense of place. They want a homelike atmosphere.
At Convivial Stays we believe that there is enormous value in connecting with a home. Both of our properties are set up to feel like home to you. They were chosen based on my personal experience as a local resident. They have a history.
The Felspar Townhome is located in the best address in Pacific Beach, as locals will tell you. Our town home offers unparalleled access to the best of California beach life, while located in a residential area.  I guarantee this is a true home as I lived there with my husband and children for eight years before we started renting. It walls are decorated with artworks made by me and the neighbors are our friends.
The Tourmaline House stands out among the newest constructions in the Pacific Beach – La Jolla border. However, it was built upon an ancient home that was inhabited by the same resident for decades. A memento of the homes' history can be found in the garage but you will have to come here to see it :-) Packed with personality, the house is located steps to a local's favorite beach.
In online reviews, the un-touristlike location and the relaxing atmosphere of a true home is what our guests mention the most. We invite you to join the crowd.
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